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Method for producing composite roll for centrifugal casting

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Method for producing composite roll for centrifugal casting

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Three manufacturing methods of casting composite roll by centrifugal machine:

Tilt centrifuge both advantages: Europe is more vertical, a small number of horizontal; the United States with more than horizontal, but also some vertical; Japan is mainly tilted, a small number of horizontal.

When the roller is too long, the thickness of the outer layer is not uniform; and when the horizontal diameter centrifuge is used to produce the small diameter roller, the rollers are easy to be cracked. So the production roll short, is the diameter of the small roll. With the centrifuge less good quality; and the production roll length of the roll, with horizontal centrifuge bovine better quality.

SS-type three-foot centrifuge for the upper artificial discharge, intermittent operation of the filter centrifuge.

Applicable to chemical, food, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries.

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